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We help you the local business owner market to where people are actively searching for solutions, online, on their smart cell phones, on their tablets, on their desktops, on their laptops, on their gaming console on their smart TV's.


You have to have a laser focused online marketing strategy and method to generate customers for your business to be successful.  This is where Satchels of Gold comes in and does for your business.  We focus on getting your phone ringing with potential customer so you can close sales, give quotes and have and grow your business revenue.


In today's fast paced world, your potential customer isn't searching on page 2 or 3 for you.  You have to reach your customers where they are, on page 1.  If you don't you are missing a huge chunk of potential business.  And because the internet shows no signs of slowing down that means internet searches will continue to increase and SEO methods will continually evolve.


Can you afford to ignore your online web presence? 


Your Online Presence Should Help, Not Hold You Back

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Website Development

Your website is the first contact people have with your businesses.  You have less than 15 seconds to win them over.  If you do not capture the visitor's attention with;

  • a professional looking website
  • a website design that conveys trust and professionalism
  • a website that is easy to navigate and find information,
  • a website that is responsive on every device

You will not win their time or business.  It's that simple.


With technology growing faster than most other areas in business, you have less space to impress your potential customer, where they are most likely to search for you, on their mobile device.  


Your website design has to be responsive to current mobile operating systems:

  1. Apple iOS
  2. Google Android
  3. Microsoft's Windows OS/Windows 8
  4. Blackberry OS
  5. Nokia's Symbian
  6. HP's webOS

AND your site has to be optimized for 4 of the most popular web browsers,

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft's Internet Explorer
  3. Apple's Safari
  4. FireFox

Your audience for your business service is searching on their mobile device more than their desktop or laptops.  Your website needs to be visible where your potential customers in Greensboro, NC are looking. Your business needs to be focused on the local market to make sure you are noticed by all those who are searching for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Satchels of Gold SEO services in Greensboro NC will get your website noticed by the search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, in your local market.


The basics of what we do involves analyzing your on page keywords and finding other relevant keywords related to your local niche business, tweaking your website and content optimization, managing your online presence, managing your social media, managing your online reputation, and more to guarantee Google, specifically, loves for your site.


We analyze your competitors SEO strategy utilizing our SEO tools and frankly out rank them with our white hat SEO techniques that have been proven to out rank other sites, out perform other local seo services and get results.


Bottom line, as people rely more and more on searching the internet for business services and information, you want to guarantee you will be found.  Our online marketing campaign is designed to rank your website in the search engines and attract your visitors that are searching for your business service.

Online Marketing

We specialize in delivering high quality laser focused leads to your inbox and making your phone ring with leads wanting you right now.  We target prospects that are actively searching the internet for your local business online in real time, when they need you.


Satchels of Gold online lead generation has a high rate of return on our investment (ROI) for your marketing budget.  Local online marketing is the fastest way to gain new local clients and customers for your business.


Mobile App

There is no greater way to engage your customer and develop customer loyalty then having your very own mobile app for your business.  With your business app right on your customer's mobile device they can reach you with a touch of a button to your business and you can market or provide information to your customers directly.


Satchels of Gold develops mobile apps for the local business owner at affordable prices to increase your brand and business loyalty.  Mobile apps are proving to be an effective overall business strategy in customer retention, customer satisfaction and overall loyalty.




  • We give you value for your advertising dollars. 
  • We deliver results with lightening speed by developing search engine friendly long lasting methods.
  • We build engaging and impactful SEO and user friendly and search engine optimized websites.
  • We stay on top of what Google, Bing and Yahoo want.
  • We follow how Social Media is impacting and influence buying decision and it's importance in SEO
  • We constantly research and stay abreast of technology developments.
  • We separate the chaff from the wheat to continually deliver you and your business long lasting results.

Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

Call or email to schedule your appointment today

Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

Call or email to schedule your appointment today