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With so much growth and new businesses starting up and going online it is more important than ever that your business stand out, get noticed and be innovative in obtaining new customers. 


Your website design must have these important elements :

  1. Visible on every device - Responsive
  2. Easy & Clear Navigation
  3. Inviting to potential customers or clients
  4. Logical Layout and framework
  5. Your Business Information
  6. Your Contact Information
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Security
  9. Converts
  10. Be Professional

IF your website is hard for the potential customer to get around and find information, if your website design does not automatically adjust to their smartphone or table and if you do not provide a clear method to contact you or they do not feel secure, that new customer will NEVER be your customer.


Your website design had to be professional today there are more options than ever and you have to make build your website so your new potential customer will stay and read your information, see your message and want to do business with you.


Your entire internet presence starts with the best website design that is engaging and easy.


While a great website design has those crucial elements above, a good website designer also takes into account your businesses SEO while building your website.


The search engines also take into account your sites overall website structure, speed, security and responsiveness.  Google, Yahoo and Bing are businesses and they want to deliver the best website results to their users.


Two of Google principles or mottos is:

Focus on the user and all else will follow.


Fast is better than slow.

When Satchels of Gold analyzes your websites as part of their SEO services, we test those aspects as well as research your top competitors site.  We also research keywords that potential customers are using to find you.  Of course if we build you a website we make sure it is SEO friendly, complaint and use best search engine optimization practices.


When we provide you with SEO consulting services our job is to dominate your local market and brand your business's internet presence.  We use a multifaceted approach that gets results.  Our methods are search engine friendly and your content is optimized also for maximum impact and results.


Satchels of Gold SEO services uses website optimization and advanced techniques - that will achieve your company's online website goals. We help local businesses to increase their website traffic to obtain leads and business from the internet. We make  your online presence count for you by putting your potential customers first thus they will find your local business online.


Along with Local SEO an internet marketing campaign that targets your customers is an excellent way to quickly build and attract new customers to your business and brand. 

There are 3 main types of direct and effective marketing that can be done separately or in conjunction with each other to produce the greatest leads for your business.

  1. Google Adwords 
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Retargeting

As a business you want your marketing dollars to count and obtain the most impact and ROI.  You want to be in front of your customer when they need you and where they are looking for you.

>  Google Adwords are always on page 1 and other pages and it's the search engine used by 75% of people online.

>  Facebook Marketing has by far the best targeting in the world. 

>  Retargeting repeats your ads and follows your potential customer online. 


There are other ways to market online that we implore to help you stay in front of your customer.  Give us a call to see how we can help you increase your customer base.

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Social Media provides organic visibility for your brand and business. People trust Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn and other platforms.  It's important that your business not only be there where people may go to look you up, those platforms can also rank well in the search engines.


We optimize your social media accounts rankings so you have another avenue of visibility another page that can rank in the search engines.    


We can also take full advantage of your social media to drive traffic to your business and increase your profits by not only using SEO but Marketing your business, engaging your customers and building new relationships.


Your business having its own mobile application developed for them is increasingly more important in customer retention, customer service and acquisition.  It is your way to say in front of your customer, connected to your customer and very literally at their finger tips.


With that in mind Satchels of Gold is a mobile app developer in Greensboro NC.  We build businesses phone app in Apple iOS and Android so you can reach out and touch your customer in both Google and Apple platforms. 



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  • Your local business increases revenue when you have the best SEO company for your online marketing solutions
  • Your local business becomes a leader in its field in the online world's local market.

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Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

Call or email to schedule your appointment today

Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

Call or email to schedule your appointment today