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Best Website Design

There are many types of websites that can be developed based on your business and needs.   The categories below are the bases of many websites designs.  When our web design team from Satchels of Gold meets with you begin the process of building your website, we go over:


  • Your expectations are
  • Your needs
  • What you want your website to do
  • Type of busienss you have


Each type of website listed below can be created to incorporate each element depending on your needs and goals.


A charity or service business website may differ from a total ecomm website but both may need a blog.  A total online ecomm business may only want to display their goods for sale and may need a shopping cart and accept payments.  Where as a person that vlogs (video blogging) may only want a website built that displays their videos or videos and text.


However regardless of the type of business you may have, there are basic elements your website to have to keep your visitors coming back to read your blog or conduct business.

Types of Website Designs




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Your website design has to conform to where people search. Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC and now Watches.  If it doesn't 2 things will happen.  The search engines will penalize your website and you can lose your online ranking.


Google specially is rewarding those websites that are mobile device compliant in other words responsive.  And you can test right now this site, it appears differently on your mobile device than it does on your desktop.


Satchels of Gold not only builds the best websites in Greensboro but your website will be fully responsive in all devices so you won't lose your customer.


Also when you search let's say for "Pizza" on your mobile device and your desktop, chances are you will get slightly if not completely different results.


The best website designs take your visitors experience into account.  You things easy to find and user friendly.  Your visitor should flow through your website with ease and logic.


A good website is organized and has a logical structure. Visitors will leave your website quickly if it's cluttered or doesn't make sense.


If you have several businesses each should have their own website as they are reaching a different audience. 


A modern designed website build around our target audience will always impress your visitor.  A clean professional website does not equate to dull and drape.


When your visitor lands on your website they found you based on how they searched.  They keep coming back based on how engaging and original you're content was to them.


The best website design won't keep visitors coming back if your content is not fresh, well written and holds their interest.


If your website is written in tiny font or has many colors, your visitor may find it hard to read and annoying.


You want to make good use of your website titles headings, and contrasting colors between your written paragraph content and your headings.


This helps your visitors quickly find what they want and continue reading other areas of your website pages and is another mark of good professional website design. 

What We Offer You


In addition to the above your website should also have clean valid code regardless if it is developed in WordPress or HTML.


Satchels of Gold in Greensboro provides the best professional website for your ecommerce, brick and mortar service business or your blog website.


And of course your new fully custom built website can be search engine optimized for your visitor and the search engines.


SEO services should always be a part of your conversation with your web developer.  Satchels of Gold is a full service SEO, Web Design and Digital Marketing Firm.  Our experience and expert service will help you expand and dominate your market.


Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

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Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

Call or email to schedule your appointment today