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Satchels of Gold SEO in Greensboro can help your business develop a mobile app to increase your brand awareness and reach.


We are a mobile app developer for Android and Apple iOS using the latest design and software to ensure your apps run on the  iOS or Android platforms.


Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?


If your gut says No, apps are for the big business. then you may be shorting yourself on very unique opportunity to have your own business app or have one developed for your business.


Bottom line iOS or Android mobile apps are for just about any size business and and any type of business.

Business that invest in mobile applications virtually have their customers at the tips of their finger.


Customer Benefits of Mobile Apps:


  • Your business is just a click away 24/7.


  • Constant branding opportunity for your business.


  • Direct Marketing to your customer.


  • Quick Easy updates on sales, events, rewards, coupons and discounts.


Indirect Business Benefits of Mobile Apps:


  • Customer Retention.
  • Customer Loyalty.


These are the best two benefits any business owner wants to have.  Of Course you want to grow your business and attract new customers but having a base of customers that you have already spent money to acquire, you want to do everything to ensure your competition doesn't get your revenue base.  And smartphone app developed just for your business does that and more.


Now a the phone app will not replace good old fashion customer service, but your business mobile application will go a long way to helping your customer be served in a timely manner.


Mobile apps offer your business another feature that is better than email marketing.  Push Notifications.  You can never be too sure if your customer reads your emails, but with the average person having 26 apps on their phone and using 20 of them daily, your push notifications direct to the app on your customer's smartphone get read 100% more than emals.  Why? Because people take their phone every where and live with their phone within arms reach.  They interact with their mobile device.


Xtify, a push provider states that 30 to 60 percent of users open push notifications while 40 percent interact with the app immediately following the notification.


Direct Benefits of Mobile Apps:


  • You could monetize your mobile business app to have another revenue stream for your business.  Both platforms, iOS and Android allow ads on mobile applications.


  • Grow a NEW customer base.  Nothing beats a loyal customer referral and with a sharing feature their friends can have your mobile app on their phone as well and become customers.


  • Always Be Advertising. Because your app is on your customers or potential customers phone or tablet, you are advertising to them 24/7.  Your business, your brand is on their mind, always.


It's not a matter of IF you need a mobile app developed for your business it's a matter of when will you get one and start building your customers loyalty and retention.  When will you talk to a developer about building a mobile application for your busienss needs.

Satchels of Gold will help you plan and develop your mobile app .  Having a smartphone app that your website visitors can download from iTunes or Google Play will help your customer remember your business because you are now in direct contact with them.

There are a lot of ways a mobile app can be developed to interact with your customer, just give us a call today and let's push a few mobile notifications to your customers tomorrow.

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Find Out WhatWe Can Do For You

Call or email to schedule your appointment today